Other GFHS Studies

The Choice and Motivation in Preschooler Snacking (CHAMPS) Study

Snacks or books? Samantha Wong (MSc Candidate, U of Guelph) recruited 33 families to study whether 3-year-old children’s preference and motivation to work for one of these rewards over the other influences their health. For more information about the CHAMPS Study, feel free to contact Sam at [email protected].

Research Investigating the Genetics of Healthy Taste (RIGHT) Study

Everyone has a different sense of taste, but how does this impact what we eat? During the RIGHT Study Elie Chamoun (PhD Candidate, U of Guelph) recruited over 50 families to help us understand how genetics and taste are associated with the foods we eat.  Families joined Elie at the Sensory Lab to complete a series of taste tests with different flavours of hummus.  If you have any questions, please contact Elie at [email protected].

The Family Food Skills Study

The Family Food Skills Study was developed to gain a greater understanding of how families with young children prepare their meals and how this is associated with the foods families purchase, eat, and use.  If you have any questions, please contact Angela Wallace (Study Coordinator) at [email protected].

The Family Mealtime Observation Study (FaMOS)

The majority of our eating habits are set by the age of 5 or 6, so it is important for us to learn more about feeding young children to help set them on the path of lifelong healthy eating. Through the Family Mealtime Observation Study (FaMOS),  Kathryn Walton (PhD Candidate, U of Guelph) asked over 75 families to videotape their family meals to help us understand what a typical supper time looks like for Canadian families and and how parents and their children interact during mealtimes.  For further information please contact Kathryn at [email protected].