Food Literacy & Nutrition

Sugar Intake in Preschoolers

Infographic about sugar intake in preschoolers

Four Pandemic Family Eating Habits we Should Keep

Calcium and Vitamin D in Young Canadian Children

Are Young Children Eating a Healthy Breakfast?

Coparenting Quality and Food Parenting Practices

Our Cookbooks

Parents in the Guelph Family Health Study have asked us for kid-friendly and healthy recipes that they can serve to their families at home.  Our researchers responded by creating a series of cookbooks intended to make it a little easier to enjoy healthy and tasty foods made at home with your family!  Download them all today. They are FREE for everyone!

Family friendly cookbooks.

Eating healthy on a budget

Learn tips for budget-friendly eating and making the most of your trip to the grocery store.
Budget-friendly tips for healthy eating

Healthy Habits Happy Home podcast

Check out the following Healthy Habits Happy Homes podcast episodes about food:

Research Brief

Are Childhood Nutrition Interventions More Effective When Based on Knowledge Translation Theories?