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Our podcast provides evidence-based advice, tips, tools, and interviews with experts to help your family develop healthy home routines!   Each week, families will learn about new research findings related to family health and parenting.

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Family Experience

Our family decided to participate in the Guelph Family Health Study because we are interested in becoming a healthier family. We figured being involved in this study would show us how we can improve our children’s health.

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We are currently enrolling families who have at least one child between the ages of 18 months and 5 years and live in Guelph and the surrounding area. We are interested in learning about the whole family.

Family Resources

We have resources available to support families in various aspects of their health and wellbeing.

News & Events

Un-processing Obesity: Insights into the Relationship Between Processed Foods and Obesity in Parents and Young Children

May 25, 2023

Obesity is considered a modern pandemic —and it is on the rise. One of the reasons health experts give for this phenomenon is the consumption of increasingly processed foods. A new study from the Guelph Family Health Study found an association between ultra processed food intake and markers of obesity in adults, but not their…

Top 3 reasons to add plant-based proteins into your diet

March 7, 2022

Plant-based proteins are protein-containing foods that come from plants instead of animals. Common plant-based proteins include foods such as beans, nuts, seeds and tofu.   Adding more plant-based proteins to your diet can provide multiples benefits.  Key among these include improving your health, improving the health of the planet and reducing your grocery bill. Read the…

New U of G-developed cookbook integrates plant-based proteins

March 1, 2022

Plant-Based Proteins: Recipes Made Easy-Peasy is a new, free cookbook available for download in English and French on the GFHS website that integrates plant proteins into both new and well-loved recipes. The 30 recipes in the e-book are designed to be great tasting, simple and quick to prepare for busy families with young children. Alongside…