Family Testimonials

Here’s what participating families have to say about the Guelph Family Health Study:

“Our family decided to participate in the Guelph Family Health Study because we are interested in becoming a healthier family. We want our kids to get a good start in living a healthy lifestyle, and we figured that being involved in this study would show us how we can improve our children’s health, as well as give us tips on how to do so. Plus the gift cards we have received for being involved are much appreciated as well!”

“We really enjoyed our home visits with Carley.  She was super friendly and my children responded well to her.  It was nice that she was able to work around our schedule and that we didn’t have to go somewhere to meet her but that she came to us. It was nice to have someone of whom we could ask questions, and someone to help solidify progress.”

“[The study] has definitely helped us to re-focus our attention on our eating habits and overall health. It also helped us feel good about a lot of the choices we’re already making and keeps us on track to living a healthy lifestyle as a family.”

“The staff helped our family to set realistic and attainable goals that we were able to continue with after the 6 month period.  We now have less TV time in our home and are more physically active.”

Watch a video about the Guelph Family Health Study family experience: