Episode 53: Nutrition Education Student Podcasts

This week, we have a special and unique Healthy Habits Happy Homes podcast episode featuring the excellent work of three groups of fourth year Applied Human Nutrition students. These students were given the opportunity to conceptualize and develop a podcast episode as part of their fourth year Nutrition Education course.

Today’s episode features the work of Sarthak Matravadia, Amina Saher and Mariam Al Shaikhqasem who created an episode on nutrition in older adults; Hannah Leung, Chloe Briana Camacho and Carolyn Wytenburg who created an episode on fruit and vegetable intake in children; and Angeline Galati, Kyra Ash and Kathryn Rush who created an episode on picky eating in children. We extend our gratitude to the NUTR4070 students for their hard work in creating these informative podcasts and allowing us to share them on the Healthy Habits, Happy Homes podcast!